What’s in a name…

The best golf balls today have between 300-400 dimples.  With 336 dimples being the average. And since we at 336Golf are just average guys who enjoy the game, we thought, what a great name for our golf site.

What we do at 336 Golf…

First and foremost, we enjoy the game.  We all dream of playing like a PGA or LIV pro. Spending countless hours, dollars, and mental anguish to improve our game.  However, all we ever really want is to see that score drop and feel the success of a great shot. And at the end of the day feel we crossed the final hole with dignity and the feeling of accomplishment.

Here at 336 Golf, we showcase and talk about great courses.  We are constantly adding to our course list, showcasing courses around the country that we feel our fellow golfers would like to know about.   Some courses on our list are well-known destinations, some are once in lift-time occasions, some a hidden gems and others are just great regional or local courses that are fun, a great deal, and a great experience.  If you know of or find a course you feel should be on our list, please tell us about it.

Along the way, on our site, we talk about golf, golf happenings, equipment ideas, reviews, and deals that we find.

We love to highlight and talk about the greatness of the game and the history of the game and pay homage to great players and courses.

Explore our website to find a great course for a State or City, for course updates, book tee times, gear deals, and top gear and equipment reviews.

We’ll meet you at the tee box…..

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