Play at PopStroke – Tiger Woods’ Newest Partnership

play at PopStroke

PopStroke’s Two Course Options

Play at PopStroke; it’s the next hotspot to try to beat the heat of the Florida summertime. Let’s be honest, it is hot in Florida in the summer, and even the most avid golfers are trying to figure out how to play without getting heat stroke (pun not intended).

That’s where venues like Tiger Woods’ newest partnership venture with PopStroke Entertainment Group come into play (pun intended).

To all the golf lovers who still don’t know about PopStroke – hop in your golf carts because this is a concept you will be driving to soon!

PopStroke Partnership with TGR

For Tiger, his interest in PopStroke stems from his childhood memories. From playing putting contests as an eight-year-old to the time, he spent with his father on golf courses. As a result, he always has cherished golf from the core of his heart. He wants everyone to enjoy the sport and spend some precious moments with their families.

This vision led to his partnership with a company PopStroke, founded in 2018 in Jupiter, FL, to open a new type of golf entertainment complex. Its first location opened in 2019 in Port St. Lucie, FL. Around the same time, they formed a strategic partnership with Tiger Woods Ventures (TGR).

Now Tiger Woods and his design firm are responsible for designing the putting courses at all future PopStroke destinations.

PopStroke Difference

What is the difference between TopGolf and PopStroke? Well, for starters, PopStroke is exclusively focused on putting. The focus on putting combined with state-of-the-art technology, like the “iPutt” ball that can transmit scores to a custom app, makes PopStroke a unique golf and entertainment venue.

So Many Games to Play with Family and Friends

The other difference is a more family-friendly vibe at PopStroke. PopStroke has various other games and activities that kids can enjoy at the six (or more) bays. They have options for kids’ parties too.

After all, Tiger’s fond memories are playing golf with his dad, so it makes sense that PopStroke would incorporate a more family-oriented theme in their locations. And the desire to help others improve their game. So why not combine those in one place? The answer to that question is PopStroke.

Practice Skills, Have Fun

play at PopStroke

View of one of the PopStroke Courses

PopStroke provides an immersive and realistic experience. And state-of-the-art technology, like topographical greens and pressure-sensitive clubs, will bring out the competitor in you. PopStroke is a fun way to play golf and provides an opportunity to improve your skills. The sensors give you instant feedback on your shots, so you can quickly identify any areas that need improvement.

PopStroke has two distinct 18-hole courses, the Black and Red Courses. The Black Course or Cub Course is designed for beginners and is wheelchair accessible. The Red Course or Tiger Course is the more challenging course, designed for those looking to hone their skills. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, PopStroke will provide an enjoyable and unique experience.

In addition, PopStroke offers a variety of fun games that family and friends can play on the greens, such as target practice and mini-golf. With its combination of fun and technology, PopStroke is the perfect place for anyone who loves golf or is looking to improve their game.

PopStroke Current and Future Locations

As of today, PopStroke currently has four facilities in Orlando, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; Fort Myers, Florida; and Port St. Lucie, Florida. They will add locations in the following cities next year: Houston, TX; Salt River, AZ; Tampa, FL; Glendale, AZ; Del Ray, FL.

Play & Eat at PopStroke

What else could one wish for fun golf games and good food on vacation?

PopStroke App – Order Food & Drinks

PopStroke venues have a peaceful outdoor dining area where you can enjoy delicious food to satisfy those hunger pangs after the game. You get a full menu of culinary masterpieces, craft beer, wine, and signature cocktails! Sounds exotically delicious, right?

You can also get the food delivered anywhere on the course through their mobile app; the best option when you are too tired or not in the mood is to visit the dining area yourself!

You won’t be able to resist their exquisite ice cream parlor offering different flavors. Your craving for something sweet will end here.

Plus, you can hit the outdoor gaming area to make your days more happening. But, of course, kids also have a vast playground to play, run, and explore.

Get Ready to Party

Turn your party mode on with PopStrokes!

Play at PopStroke

One of Two PopStroke Courses

They offer party packages for large groups that allow you to enjoy golf games with food and drinks at reasonable prices. So, gather your friends, colleagues, or family and visit Popstrokes to party like never before!

If you’re looking for a great place to have family fun, PopStroke is worth checking out. They have something for everyone – whether you want to play a few rounds of golf, hit some balls in the batting cages, or relax and enjoy a cold beverage.

And don’t forget to bring your friends – they always have great deals on group packages. You’re sure to have a great time with plenty of games and activities to choose from. And don’t forget – they offer specials every day, so be sure to check their website or Facebook page before you visit.

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