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Bern's Steak House Tampa

Bern’s Steak House Tampa

Bern's Steak House Tampa

Photo courtesy of Bern’s Steak House

Are you a food enthusiast who enjoys fine wine and perfectly cooked steaks? Then, Bern’s Steak House Tampa is your finest option if that’s the case. This amazing steakhouse has been a favorite in the Tampa region since 1956.

You might assume it is just another steak house, but rest assured, Bern’s Steak House is a cut above the rest. There is a lot more to explore and do here besides eat. This location offers you unforgettable experiences with mouthwatering desserts, live music, and guest kitchen tours!

Below, we have provided all the details you want to know about Bern’s Steak House before making a reservation. And believe me, once you read about this wonderful Tampa staple, you will make a reservation.

Bern’s Steak House Tampa: A Rich History

First of all, don’t be deceived by Bern’s exterior. Once you enter the restaurant, the high red walls and different portraits lining the walls give you the impression that you are inside an old mansion. However, this structure has a long history that goes back many decades.

The history of Bern’s Steak House dates back to 1923 with the birth of Bern Laxer in 1923 in Manhattan. In 1951, Bern and Gert, his wife, were preparing to travel to California, but they initially wanted to travel to Tampa to see Bern’s aunt.

Bern promised never to work in the restaurant industry after witnessing his aunt toil relentlessly for almost 40 years in the Chinese restaurant she ran. However, destiny had other ideas.

Bern and Gert always planned to be equal partners and therefore share equal billing in the name of their new bar. However, they salvaged letters from the existing Beer Haven sign to save money and bought an “S” to create “Bern’s.” They eventually added “Steak House” because the phone company wouldn’t allow single-name listings.

From Cold Sandwiches to Steaks

Bern's Steak House Tampa

Photo Courtesy of Bern’s Steak House

When Bern and Gert first tried to operate an ice cream shop in downtown Tampa, they could not get the funding they needed. They acquired The Gator Juice Bar, a tiny luncheonette serving cold sandwiches, espresso, and orange juice, in 1953.

Soon after changing its name to Bern and Gert’s Little Midway, the luncheonette began serving hot brunches and lunches, fried and baked eggs, and baked donuts. The Laxers moved their business to 1208 South Howard Avenue to recognize their success after buying the Beer Haven bar.

Every room in Bern’s Steak House Tampa has a history. The Bordeaux Room is where Bern and his wife, Gert, met with investors and started their new business. Bern and Gert eventually acquired adjacent businesses, expanding Bern’s from a single to massive eight dining rooms and from 40 to a whopping 350 guest seats.

Last but not least, the 48 individual rooms that make up the renowned Harry Waugh Dessert Room were constructed in 1985. The construction utilized unique and beautiful wine casks made of redwood. Here, guests may still savor close to 50 desserts.

Future Legacy

Bern died in 2002, and Gert joined him in 2020. David, their son, keeps on the legacy of managing Bern’s Steak House and works tirelessly to give you a memorable experience.

Are you amazed by Bern’s Steak House’s remarkable history? Well, we are just getting started. Here are some fantastic features of the steak house.

  • It is one of Florida’s best steak houses and feels like an exclusive club.
  • Bern’s Steak House Tampa is characterized by rich mahogany paneling and elaborate chandeliers.
  • Inside, the chef himself matures the beef, farms a lot of the veggies, and grinds the coffee.
  • Additionally, Cave Du Fromage offers a fine assortment of artisanal cheeses from all over the world.

Bern's Steak House Tampa

Photo courtesty of Bern’s Steak House

New Meaning to Farm to Table: Bern’s Steak House brings new meaning to the farm-to-table concept. They have a 2.65-acre farm in nearby Town ‘n’ Country, FL. Scraps from their restaurants are added to the compost heap at the farm. Adding scraps to the compost ensures that the soil remains rich and capable of producing crops season after season. The farm produces enough to provide its chefs with 400 bunches of kale, collard greens, and broccoli rabe from the farm. Look under Bern’s greens on the menu to see what is available for your dining pleasure.

You can read more about their farm here.

Classic Bern’s Steak House Tampa Experience

There is nothing conventional about Bern’s Steak House. The food’s quality and flavor are just as important to them as how enjoyable the eating experience will be. Every visitor is treated as a respected guest. Dining at Bern’s Steak House is a memorable experience, and you will get:

  • Premium dry-aged steaks
  • Fresh fish
  • Gourmet sides
  • Extensive wine list
  • A whole room devoted just to dessert.

More Reasons to Visit Bern’s Steak House

Exceptionally Seasoned Steaks

Bern’s serves Only U.S. Prime and 5-8 week matured steaks. After you order, they are trimmed, sliced, and then grilled over charcoal. All meals are served with loaded baked potatoes, French onion soup, a selection of salads, and onion rings. Each time you go to Bern’s Steak House, you embark on a culinary journey that makes Bern’s more of an experience than a meal.

Well-Informed Staff

Have you had bad experiences with untrained staff in different restaurants? Bern’s is here to change that!

At Bern’s Steak House, you will find exceptional service. Everyone is treated with respect. Your waiter will be knowledgeable, accommodating, and mindful of your needs. This level of service is due to the extensive training each serving staff member receives.

The servers begin training on the organic farm owned by the restaurant. If the server makes it through the training, they are granted a silver tie, which means they are ready to greet and serve the guests. A distinguished gold tie identifies the server captain overseeing all trainees.

Exclusive Kitchen Tour

This feature distinguishes Bern’s Steak House from all other establishments. A tour of the enormous kitchen? It’s just as amazing as it sounds!

Visitors are graciously led on a tour of the kitchen after their dinner. It’s always entertaining to peek behind the scenes and discover just how big the kitchen has become — it is truly breathtaking.

The steak house is divided into various dining rooms, making it difficult to assess its size until you take a kitchen tour. There are several stations for steaks and a different station for salads, desserts, and other items within the kitchen.

How to Make a Reservation at Bern’s Steak House

For the best experience and shortest wait times, booking reservations before your visit to Bern’s Steak House is highly recommended. You can make reservations via phone at 813-251-2421 or online using the “Make a Reservation” option. You will receive an email confirmation if you book reservations online.

Bern’s Steak House has a dress code, from business casual to semi-formal. But don’t worry. If you are on the casual side of attire, you may be seated in their lounge. Please refer to their website for further guidelines.

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Have you been to Bern’s Steak House? We would love to hear what you thought in the comments!

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